10 Best Characters Who Debuted In Fantastic Four Comics

Making their superhero debut in 1961, the The Fantastic Four have remained one of comics’ most beloved and iconic heroes. With various storylines and crossovers with other Marvel heroes, the team faced impossible odds time and time again.

But throughout their early adventures, they introduced many heroes and villains who would also not become mainstays of their issues, but would go on to impact the comics industry and make cinematic appearances that would stand the test of time. But who are the 10 best characters the Fantastic Four have introduced?

miracle man

Miracle Man attacking The Thing of Fantastic Four.

Introduced in Fantastic Four #03, Miracle Man aka Joshua Ayers was a villain who tried to use his powers of hypnosis to commit a series of robberies. However, he was eventually shot by the Fantastic Four and imprisoned. Since his introduction, the villain has attempted to take over Earth with the powers of Daimon Hellstrom and was even the victim of an assassination attempt by Scourge.


But with a universe filled with powerful and divine beings, it’s no surprise to learn that Miracle Man would return. In Marvel Max Comics The hood 2002 series, Miracle Man was resurrected to help The Hood take down The Punisher.

Franklin Richard

Franklin Richard The Fantastic Four

In recent years, Franklin Richards has become one of the most powerful characters on the pages of Marvel comics. Being able to create entire universes, he far exceeded the powers possessed by his parents, Mr. Fantasic and Sue Storm.

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Since 1968, Franklin has undergone many changes and forms by many writers and artists over the years. This included his future teenage Psi-Lord, traveling through other realities with Man-Thing and helping to rebuild Earth 616 and Earth 1610 after a devastating incursion between the two universes.


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

The Fantastic Four number 45 has become a key issue for several reasons. It introduced readers to the secret world of Inhumans and super-powered beings that were created through Kree involvement in genetic engineering. So if it weren’t for the Fantastic Four and their rivalry with the Inhumans, who knows if the superhuman race would have resurfaced with another team of Marvel superheroes.

Lockjaw, an enormous dog who is also the pet of the Inhuman royal family, remains one of the strangest of the Inhumans. Additionally, he can teleport himself and others across dimensions, which also makes him one of the most useful Inhumans when it comes to the battlefield.

black bolt

Black Bolt in a fight in The Inhumans comics

Lockjaw wasn’t the only Inhuman featured in Superpowered Family #45. Among several key characters who would become mainstays in the pages of Marvel comics, Black Bolt remained their leader after all these years.

Head of the royal family, Black Bolt is also one of the most powerful members of the Inhumans. With the ability to wipe out his enemies with a mere whisper, he’s joined many battles and wars since in other Marvel comics.


Skulls pretending to be heroes, standing tall and filling the space

One of the first The Fantastic Four the villains are the Skrulls, an alien race capable of shapeshifting and appearing like the planet’s inhabitants. Back in issue two, the Skrulls took on the guise of the Fantastic Four and committed countless crimes as the real superhero team tried to find them and solve the problem.

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Since then, the Skrulls have appeared in countless storylines and battled other superheroes over the years. Of their attempt to replace some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and take over Earth by Secret Invasion to Captain Marvel battling the Super-Skrull in the pages of the avengers comics, they show no signs of stopping their conquest anytime soon.

The Observer

More recently, many will know The Watcher from the MCU’s Disney+ series. What if…? But this cosmic being has been around for much longer and was another alien the Fantastic Four encountered.

Introduced in issue #13 in 1963, The Watcher stopped a fight between the heroes and The Red Ghost and explained to them and readers their role in the universe. And the characters that make up this race would continue to aid and observe the multiverse and the many heroes that inhabit them.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer flying in space.

Acting as the herald of the celestial being known as Galactus, the Silver Surfer serves his master by finding planets that can support his endless hunger while saving those that could do good to the universe. As Silver Surfer comic book fans know, he was once known as Norrin Radd of the planet Zenn-La, he sacrificed himself to become Galactus’ herald for the safety of his homeworld.

With his cosmic abilities, the Silver Surfer has become an ally to the universe as well as a sought-after tool of destruction. For helping the Fantastic Four Annihilation – Scourge to be controlled by the Carnage Symbiote in one of the What if…? storylines, the Silver Surfer has captured the imagination of many comic book writers over the years.


Galactus reached

Shortly after the Silver Surfer discovers Earth and summons his master to The Fantastic Four issue 48, readers were introduced to the gigantic celestial being known as Galactus. Appearing as a giant humanoid, the being is responsible for destroying countless planets as it feeds on their energy.

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Galactus has now become one of the main antagonists across countless Marvel comics stories, and his popularity has grown in other forms of media. While fans were disappointed with her appearance in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surferthe same can’t be said for Marvel’s Season 4 themed ending fortnite as he overlooked the island in Chapter 2.

Black Panther

Classic Black Panther Costume

Today, Black Panther is one of the most famous and beloved Marvel heroes with a code of honor that he follows and protects the fictional advanced homeland of Wakanda. With a hugely successful movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a sequel in the works, it looks like the character isn’t leaving the limelight anytime soon.

While fans of Black Panther comics may know this fact, some might be surprised to learn that the character of T’Chala and his heroic alter-ego were introduced in The Fantastic Four number 52. Invited to the secret nation of Wakanda, the heroes are separated and tested by the hero for a difficult task that awaits them.

Doctor Doom

convict doctor

Another classic Fantastic Four villain, Doctor Doom is also one of their first as he fought them in their 5th issue in 1962. The ruler of Latveria, the Intellectual King has tricked the Fantastic Four on more than one occasion , often using his technology to outsmart even the likes of Mr. Fantastic.

But his presence grew in the Marvel Multiverse as he became a godly ruler in the Secret Wars story arc, controlled and gained Wanda’s powers in children’s crusade, and even escaped Hell with Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Needless to say, he’s easily one of the most dangerous villains that’s been introduced to the The Fantastic Four and Marvel comics respectively.

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