8 Things You Didn’t Know About DC Mech

At the ComicsPRO ONLINE Comic Book Industry Meeting 2022 (which took place at the end of February), DC Comics announced DC Mech. This is a new series with an innovative concept that gives Superman, The Flash, and Batman their own Gundam-like super robot, essentially combining comic books and the mecha anime genre into one. The story will follow these three superheroes (and many more) as they battle against a Darkseid invasion on Earth.

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DC mechanics is yet another alternate universe in the DC Multiverse. However, instead of occurring in the main continuity, it’s an Elseworld story. In fact, it’s a limited series with just six issues created by Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, which comic and anime fans can read starting July 26, 2022..

8 It’s written by Kenny Porter

Mobile Suit Gundam

DC mechanics will be written by American comic book writer Kenny Porter. The author, who has written for DC Comics, SEGA and Top Cow, is known for his work in Are you afraid of Darkseid?, Yakuzaand A very DC Halloween. Porter is also the creator of the Scholastic comic Intrepid and the Insight Comics series Barnstormers!

According to Porter, he has loved comics, manga, and anime from a young age. This new series is inspired by his “deep love of the DC Universe and the mecha genre.” The author quoted Mobile Suit Gundam – which he has been a fan of since college – as one of his main inspirations for DC Mech.

7 It features the art of Baldemar Rivas

Born and raised in California, Baldemar Rivas is an independent artist best known for his work in unearththe horror series published by Image Comics in 2019. In DC Comics, Rivas drew for the limited series Robins, in which he worked alongside Tim Seeley. Additionally, he worked in DC: The Doomed and the Damned #1.

DC mechanics isn’t the first time Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas have teamed up. In September 2021, they create “The Batman With No Name” for Batman: Urban Legends #7. In this futuristic story, Batman has the ability to transform into ancient Batmen, a gift clearly inspired by Kamen Rider. This story is a great example of the love that Rivas and Porter have for manga and anime, which will also be palpable in DC mechanics.

6 It is completely inspired by an anime genre

Darling in the main cast of FranXX stands in front of Strelizia Mecha

DC mechanicsThe concept of is simple: everyone’s favorite superheroes can pilot robots in epic battles that may or may not destroy entire cities. This series is inspired by the Japanese Mecha genre in anime and manga, created in 1956 by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. This genre features robots (or mechs): gigantic machines controlled by humans and mainly used for combat. According to RivasDC Mech is a love letter to the Mecha anime genre.

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Some of the most important mechs in anime and manga are Mazinger-Z, eureka sevenand Mobile Suit Gundamwhich Porter has cited as inspiration alongside Neon Genesis Evangelion and Robotech. Other accidental works inspired by this genre are Pacific Rim by Guillermo del Toro and Transformers.

5 The Comic Pits Batman, The Flash and Superman Vs. Darkseid

Like all other worlds, DC mechanics takes place in an alternate future of the DC Universe where Earth has suffered an alien invasion from the planet Apokolips just after World War II. Earth’s saviors, the Justice Society of America, fell in this battle. So, to stop the full force of the invasion, humanity built a fleet of giant robots to help them defeat Darkseid upon his return. The battle will be led by Superman, Batman and The Flash, who already have their own mecha.

Given Darkseid’s nature, he’s a natural choice as a villain for DC mechanics. In fact, the cover of DC mechanics #1 shows how this villain created his own technology to defeat Earth’s champions. Nothing was said about Darkseid receiving a mech suit for himself, but it would make for an epic moment in DC history.

4 Fans believe it’s the perfect concept for action figures

dc mech

Since DC mechanics was announced in February 2022, DC fans enthusiastically discussed the concept of this series on social networks and forums. One of the most common comments regarding this series is how the DC mechanics the robots would make great action figures or even LEGO sets, especially considering the mechanics of these toys.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time DC has created a line of action figures based on an Elseworld tale. In the 1990s, the company produced several kingdom come action figures following the success of the comic strip. The reverse also happened. In 2011, a line featuring 1940s-inspired heroine figurines became an entire series: DC Bombs by Margaret Bennett.

3 Marvel has a similar concept in Avengers: Mech Strike

avengers mech strike cover

In February 2021, Marvel released the first issue of Avengers: Mechanical Strikea story by Jed MacKay and Carlos Magno. Avengers: Mechanical Strike gave Earth’s Mightiest Heroes their very own Gundam robots created by Tony Stark himself. This miniseries, which only lasted five issues, pitted the Avengers against Kang the Conqueror and the dangerous Mechanoids.

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This isn’t the first time Marvel and DC have shared a concept – it’s impossible not to notice the similarities between Marvel Zombies and Deceased. Regardless, Avengers: Mechanical Strike and DC mechanics aren’t identical, so true mecha fans will be able to enjoy both comics no matter how similar they look.

2 Dinosaurs, vampires, knights and now robots? !

superman and batman in jurassic league

DC mechanics isn’t the first time DC Universe characters have been drastically changed into something super cool. In fact, it’s not even the first time this has happened in the past year. In addition to fighting with robots in DC mechanicsJustice League’s most beloved members will become dinosaurs in The Jurassic League by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon, which debuts in May 2022. Additionally, two Elseworlds that change the nature of DC superheroes and villains are currently being released.

First, CC. against the vampires, which follows Batman and Green Arrow as they try to figure out which heroes have been turned into bloodsucking monsters. Too, black knights of Steel reinvents the DC universe in a medieval-fantasy setting. Both stories have been very successful so far. DC’s bets on alternate universes, however random, really pay off and make fans happy.

1 Each Mecha is carefully designed for each hero

batman mech in dc mech

According to the artist behind DC mechanics, Baldemar Rivas, he created the mecha suits for each hero being careful not to stray too far from the nature of their characters, while maintaining the Japanese mecha aesthetic. To do this, he considered the functionality of each mecha and their connection with their respective pilots.

Fans on the internet have already noticed how Superman’s mech features Kal-El’s distinctive frontal curvature, while Batman’s mech has a cape, just like the Dark Knight suit. However, this design goes beyond aesthetics. For example, Batman’s mech is sleek and dark, which matches Batman’s well-known stealth abilities. Additionally, he includes several gadgets that he uses often. Surely Flash’s robot will be as fast as the hero it’s based on, while Kal-El’s will be as powerful as the Man of Steel himself?

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