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Alden Richards believes his latest project will turn out to be his best show of the past five years.

After marking his 10th year in showbiz with the country’s first-ever digital sold-out concert while becoming the country’s most sought-after celebrity, Alden Richards is finally clinging to his heart as an actor in his prime. listen tonight.

Scheduled to premiere on GMA Network tonight after “Saksi” is his highly anticipated telesery comeback titled “The World Between Us” (TWBS).

Directed by pioneer Dominic Zapata of “My Husband’s Lover” fame, Asia’s Multimedia Star and local talent from GMA play the role of Louie in what would be an exciting love story between two individuals whose deep devotion always brings them together. , despite opposing forces and a seemingly cruel fate.

Inspired by the cult literary classic “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, a stellar cast joins Richards in what he says would likely become his “best teleserye in the past five years.”

As Louie, a clever orphan who makes his way to success, he will fall in love with Lia (Jasmin Curtis-Smith), the adorable and compassionate youngest child of the wealthy Libradilla family, whose matriarch (Dina Bonnevie) l ‘greets after her mother dies.

Lia will fall in love with Louie despite their differences and her disapproving brother Brian (Tom Rodriguez) – the stubborn and stubborn elder heir to the Libradillas – who has never accepted the orphan in their lives nor treated him as an equal.

During the show’s virtual press conference, Richards admitted, “Actually, nung unang i-noffer is a similar project, I was looking for something different that would be more on the acting side of the coin.”

Not knowing if this was the one he craved at this particular crossroads in his career, the 29-year-old actor said he changed his mind about TWBU when he delved into the script and had it. discussed with the creators of the project.

“I realized ibang klase ito. And when we started [the table] reading, iba pa lalo ‘yung binabasa mo lang sa naririnig mo na yung kuwento. It kindled the fire in me to create this character who is a normal person and very accessible. Kasi, I guess, ‘yun’ yung culture natin na as a Filipino viewer when we watch TV series.

Parang represents the characters among the greatest natins of the mag-represents of sailing buhay natin. “

Richards added that it’s very human nature for Louie to go from good to bad when he’s repeatedly hurt and ashamed. Having always played the good guy, whether in TV series and movies before, he’s both drawn to and challenged by the role’s very real transformation into a much darker character.

Meanwhile, not one, but two of the country’s top dramatic actresses were chosen for TWBU to provide exceptional support to the much-loved actor, who has been recognized in the region as the star of Asian multimedia. Along with Bonnevie, the internationally renowned Jaclyn Jose also plays a vital role as a loving nanny and protector of Libradilla’s brother and sister.

Making the series even more exciting is the return of Sid Lucero, whom Richards and Rodriguez openly admire as an actor of their generation. Kelley Day, Yana Asistio, Jericho Arceo, Donn Boco and.

With lead lady Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Tom Rodriguez playing a quirky role as the story’s main villain.

Glydel Mercado in a brief but crucial cameo.

Finally, assuring teleserye fans that TWBU is not just another handsome-poor-boy-falls-in-love-rich-beautiful-girl story with a you-and-me-against-the-world theme , its director returns to his inspiration: the grandeur of Wuthering Heights in all its aspects – the richness of the characters, the intensity of the emotions and even the breathtaking landscapes painted in the novel and recreated in its equally classic adaptations.

“Considering his inspiration, ang kaibahan ng TWBU is this is the one for you in 2021,” Zapata said confidently. “The contemporary flavor of our surroundings. This is a great collaborative effort where everyone connected is very passionate and committed to doing their best to ensure that viewers will want to watch every episode of the series Without fail. In other words, tama ang buong timpla nito, and we are confident that you will pass out like us. “

The World Between Us replaces GMA’s hit series “My First Yaya” on weeknights starting today, as well as the streaming platform iQiyi International or It will also air on GMA Pinoy TV for overseas viewers.


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