Could Magik take on the Avengers?

It’s very easy to talk about one comic book character or another, especially when their powers keep changing over the years. Throughout Marvel’s rise in the comics industry, we’ve seen how heroes and villains have risen from very humble beginnings to wield the kind of power that’s sometimes brought them closer to godhood. . What it’s usually a good idea to do is start out thinking that the writers determine who’s going to win, because plot armor, MacGuffins, and any other tricks a writer can use can bring victory or defeat, no matter who’s up against whom in the comic book world. Look at Squirrel Girl, no matter how “awesome” she is, there’s no way to justify how close she could be to beating the characters she has in the past. So, keep in mind that the writers are bound to make the best decisions possible, or so fans hope. Wondering if Magik could take on the Avengers on her own isn’t just a tall order, it’s something that might be crazy to think about.

It’s important to know who Magik is in the first place, because Illyana Rasputin, Piotr Rasputin’s younger sister, aka Colossus, is more than many gave her credit for. As a teleporter and magic user, she poses a serious threat, not to mention that she is a skilled fighter. There are definitely a few Avengers who could give him a problem when it comes to their overall power and skill, but it’s not at all difficult to assume that Magik could take on multiple Avengers at once without much effort. Casting someone like Thor would unfortunately create a very difficult proposition and it’s fair to think that if the battle didn’t take place in Limbo it wouldn’t be possible.

Making that argument might not seem feasible at all, but when you look at what Magik is capable of, the idea becomes a bit more reasonable. One-on-one, there aren’t many Avengers who can take on Magik since his powers are beyond the abilities of many non-powered members, as well as several of those with any power. It also has to be said that trying to pick just one Avengers team to pit Magik against would be quite difficult considering the number of teams over the years. As a child, Illyana wouldn’t have stood a chance, but after allowing her powers to grow and mature, there’s a good chance she could take on a formidable team of Avengers and destroy them. In his strongest form, there’s a good chance Magik has a good chance of giving even Thor a run for his money. But against anyone but Thor, it’s fair to say that if they all went all out and made war on it, Magik would prevail, not just because she’s incredibly powerful, but because her powers could override anyone. given that she can transcend space and time and could, in essence, beat the Avengers before they became a team.

We must remember that Magik used to go back in time without control, which does not seem at all optimal but still quite impressive since at this point she is able to control her jumps and has gained a lot of experience of struggle over the years. . Compared to several of the Avengers, her combat skills wouldn’t give her a serious advantage, but coupled with the magic at her disposal and the fact that she can teleport others as well as herself from one place to another , meaning she could play divide and conquer with the Avengers to throw them off balance. There’s also the idea that the Avengers tend to operate with a sense of morality, which means they’re unlikely to kill anyone if they can avoid it. Their tactics are usually brutal enough to take down just about anyone, but Magik has been known to be particularly vicious in the past and hasn’t landed many punches.

So, can she face the Avengers? Without Thor, yes, she probably could. Magik could probably dominate a team that doesn’t have the god of thunder among its members. Even with the Hulk, that could be a challenge, but it stands to reason Magik could hold his own and even more so against an Avengers team that didn’t see it coming and couldn’t counter it even if prepared. Think of it this way, if even a prepared Tony Stark couldn’t match Magik, since she’s out of his class, then many of the other Avengers wouldn’t stand a chance. But yeah, Thor would be a massive roadblock.

Lucas E. Kelly