E-commerce product releases: July 4, 2021


Here is a list of product releases and updates for the end of June from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on social commerce, subscription newsletters, payment solutions, email marketing, live video shopping, last mile deliveries, and drop shipping.

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E-commerce product releases

Shopify updates checkout and storefronts. During its Unite 2021, Shopify announced a new 2.0 online store, developments for custom storefronts, improvements at checkout, and more. The Online Store 2.0 upgrade includes a new set of features for developers, including sections on all pages for customizing multiple aspects of a store, a new publisher experience, and themed app extensions. The Shopify Theme Store will be open for developer submissions on July 15, and Shopify is launching a new default theme, Dawn. Shopify launches Hydrogen, a new React framework for developers to create custom storefronts (launching soon), as well as Oxygen, a future platform for hosting custom storefronts on Shopify. And Checkout introduces Checkout Extensions, allowing developers to securely build apps in Shopify Checkout and Shop Pay. Checkout also introduces the Payment Platform, a way to integrate third-party payment gateways into Shopify Checkout.

Shopify Unite 2021

Facebook is expanding its stores. Facebook makes it easier for people to browse and buy in stores. Soon it will give companies in some countries the possibility to showcase their store in WhatsApp. In the United States, Facebook will allow businesses to introduce products from stores to Marketplace, helping them reach more than one billion people around the world who visit each month. Facebook is also expanding ratings and reviews to products in stores on Instagram, including community photos and videos. And Facebook is introducing store ads that deliver unique creations based on people’s buying preferences.

Introducing GoDaddy Payments for Small Business. GoDaddy announced the launch of GoDaddy Payments, a new payment service that allows GoDaddy customers, including managed WooCommerce customers, to handle all business transactions directly through GoDaddy. GoDaddy Payments is built using the technology and teams acquired from Poynt in December 2020. GoDaddy Payments is part of GoDaddy’s expanding commerce platform that will include in-person payment capabilities for online purchases and offline.

Facebook presents the Bulletin newsletter application. Facebook launched Bulletin, a standalone newsletter platform for free and paid articles and podcasts. In announcing the platform, Mark Zuckerburg showcased some of the writers the company has recruited including Malcolm Gladwell, Erin Andrews and Mitch Albom. The push into the rapidly growing field of email newsletters follows the self-publishing platform Substack, attracting journalists with cash advances, and Twitter’s acquisition of the Revue newsletter platform.

Facebook Bulletin home page

Facebook Bulletin

PayPal launches Zettle in the United States PayPal announced the launch of PayPal Zettle in the United States, a point-of-sale service that allows small businesses to sell through in-person and online channels. Zettle can enable small businesses to (i) accept a range of payments with the Zettle card reader, (ii) start selling online, and (iii) manage sales, inventory, reporting and payments on all channels, all in one place. PayPal Zettle will also allow businesses to leverage PayPal’s suite of payment and commerce solutions, from billing to PayPal’s Business Mastercard debit card.

Bambuser launches the Shopify app for live video shopping. Bambuser has announced the launch of a live shopping app for Shopify. Developed and launched by Woolman, the largest Shopify Plus agency in Europe, the app can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Merchants who install the Live Video Shopping with Bambuser application benefit from an automated installation, an embeddable live video player, a user-friendly interface for managing calls to action, in-stream purchases via the integration with Shopify’s native inventory and shopping cart, and advanced metrics and reporting on audience engagement, add-to-cart rates and conversions made during live shopping events .

LambdaTest launches the Microsoft Teams app for testing. As remote work multiplies around the world, the LambdaTest browser testing platform has launched a Microsoft Teams app. Anyone using Teams can run live tests to see what their company’s website looks like on 2,000 desktop browsers and mobile configurations. Once the meeting begins, Teams attendees can integrate LambdaTest into the live call and work collaboratively to initiate quick real-time tests and screenshot tests with the click of a button from a conversation.

LambdaTest Home Page

Lambda test

Loadchief and Velo Payments team up for last mile deliveries. Velo Payments and Loadchief announced a partnership to modernize driver payments in the last mile delivery market. The deal will provide a flexible and easy-to-use platform for delivery companies to pay independent drivers. Loadchief connects delivery companies with professional and independent drivers to provide contract delivery services. Velo provides a payment orchestration platform that automates payments from businesses to their vendors and independent staff. By working with Velo, Loadchief customers can use a range of payment options that meet their needs and the needs of drivers.

Venmo monetizes the platform for traders. Starting July 20, Venmo, the payment app owned by PayPal, will allow users to sell products and services in their personal accounts for a fee. Under the app’s previous rules, users were prohibited from receiving money for business transactions through personal Venmo profiles. Users suspected of violating the policy could have their accounts suspended. With the latest changes, traders using personal profiles for trading transactions will be charged the same 1.9% plus 10 cents fee as those with trading profiles.

BigCommerce and PayPal publish report on consumer spending habits after Covid. How and where people buy products have changed dramatically during the pandemic, creating new opportunities for retailers to use new channels, execution strategies and payment options, new survey results from BigCommerce and PayPal show . While most of the 3,000 consumers surveyed said they always preferred to shop in person, 62.5% of respondents said they do most of their shopping online. Almost half said they discover new products on social media at least once a month, and 66.7% of those surveyed said they made a purchase directly through their phone at least once in the past month.

web page "2021 consumer spending trends: an omnichannel report"

2021 consumer spending trends: an omnichannel report

Litmus launches Integrated Insights Report. Litmus, an email marketing audit and analysis service, announced the Litmus Integrated Insights report. The new email analytics feature provides a single, holistic view of email campaign performance and engagement. Through direct integrations of messaging service providers, Litmus combines key messaging metrics, such as open rate, with Litmus engagement data to provide valuable context and actionable insights. The service protects consumer privacy, by blocking personally identifiable information, removing IP addresses and making geolocation optional.

Shop Pay available for businesses selling on Facebook and Google. Starting with Facebook and Instagram later this summer and followed by Google in late 2021, Shopify’s Shop Pay will be available to merchants on both platforms, even if they don’t use Shopify’s online store.

Wix Acquires Modalyst for Vendor Market and Drop Shipping. Wix, a SaaS website builder, announced the acquisition of Modalyst, a marketplace and drop-shipping platform. The acquisition will connect Wix merchants to a vendor marketplace where they can build scalable relationships and source millions of synced products directly with their store to sell and process online.

Modalyst Home Page



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