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Latrice Slaughter, founder of Lioness Publishing, LLC. (courtesy photo)

Latrice Slaughter is back as a TOS Seller, having been an integral part of this community and family for six years. Her publishing company, Lioness Publishing LLC, is dedicated to serving the greater Los Angeles area by securing and helping aspiring writers complete their own books.

“I started this business after writing my first book, ‘I Love Me.’ this process as well,” Slaughter said.

Lioness Publishing was established in 2015, and since its inception Slaughter has published a number of books.

Slaughter’s booth at the 2018 Taste of Soul Family Festival (courtesy image)

A returning TOS salesman, Slaughter found out about the event when “a nice lady, in 2015, read my book and told me that Taste of Soul would be the perfect place to promote my book.”

And it was! The Lioness Publishing Founder said that as a returning vendor, “I know the community will always support my cause because they always have. [At TOS] I meet so many people from so many walks of life, so I always gain new loyal supporters who stay by my side and show me so much love.

Latrice Slaughter will sell four of her children’s books at Taste of Soul 2022. All of the books focus on self-love, happiness and the bullying that has become more prevalent among young people.

Slaughter will sell four of his children’s books, which focus on bullying, happiness and self-love. (Courtesy image)

Besides selling his products, Slaughter shared that what excites him the most about TOS is seeing the community come together.

“I’m thrilled to see SO many beautiful shades of black! Crenshaw Blvd will be full of color, and it’s a beautiful site to behold!

For more information on Lioness Publishing, LLC or Latrice Slaughter, check out her Instagram @lioness_publishingllc.

The taste of the soul is back! Be sure to mark your calendars for this amazing annual experience, and get to know and support some amazing local black-owned businesses.

Lucas E. Kelly