Government asks employees to book a single ticket to travel, opt for the cheapest fares available 21 days before

Photo: PTI

In order to reduce expenses, the Ministry of Finance has asked government officials to opt for the cheapest available fare for the authorized class of travel and to book air tickets at least 21 days before the flight for tours. and LTCs.

The ministry further said that workers should book only one ticket for each leg of the journey and make reservations even if approval of the tour schedule is pending and also avoid “unnecessary cancellations”.

Currently, government employees are required to purchase tickets from only three authorized travel agents Balmer Lawrie & CieAshok Travel & Tours and IRCTC.

Under the amended instructions for government airline ticket reservations, employees will be required to provide self-declared justification if they make a reservation within 72 hours of the date of travel or cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the date of travel. travel.

“Employees should select flights with the best available fare in their authorized class of travel which is the lowest fare available, preferably for a nonstop flight within a given time slot at the time of booking,” the memorandum from the airline said. Expenditure Department office.

Tickets for all employees for a single visit should be booked through a single travel agent and no fees or charges should be paid to such booking agents as instructed.

“Employees are encouraged to book airfare at least 21 days in advance of planned travel on tour and LTC, to take advantage of the most competitive rates and minimize the burden on the treasury,” he said.

The amended rules also urge government employees to book all tickets through the Self-Booking Tool, the online booking portal of the three licensed travel agents.

“Employees should preferably book a single ticket for each leg of the intended journey. Possession of more than one ticket is not permitted. However, in the event of special requirements or exceptional circumstances, a maximum of two tickets for alternative flights for different time slots may be booked for the same leg of travel with self-declared justification for the same,” the instruction reads.

Lucas E. Kelly