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While the past 12 months have presented challenges that many of us never thought we would face, for grain farmers who found themselves under an unusually wet start to winter, things have started to improve. .

Many say it’s the winter crop with the most potential they’ve had in years, as prices, especially for sorghum sent to China, are heading north.

Speaking of the North, I keep hearing about how we need to better “harness its potential”.

It is true that, despite a few pioneers who have essentially “gone it alone,” dozens of cost-benefit analyzes and countless studies on the agronomic potential and management required to grow crops, we have barely scratched the surface. surface of what North Queensland has to offer for the grain industry and large-scale agriculture.

But AgForce and the Grains Board are determined to move beyond the rhetoric and take concrete action to establish a path that is socially, environmentally and economically beneficial for landowners and regional communities, and therefore for all of Queensland. .

This is why we go up to Weipa, to Georgetown via Laura, then to Burdekin, to the Four Ways, via Hughenden.

It’s not just about shaking hands and kicking the tires and the ground (fun though these activities can be!).

We want to talk to the people who live in these places so that we can learn, first-hand, what they believe is holding back our businesses, our communities, and our state.

Then, armed with their wisdom, we can hopefully convince others to help us take the next steps necessary to cross this last seemingly insurmountable frontier.

Before we embark on this important journey, however, there’s the important question of letting go and celebrating all things grain at AgForce’s Cereal Gala Dinner.

Tonight of Nights, in Dalby on July 23, brings together producers and industry players from all over Queensland.

With a Middle Eastern inspired dinner, top quality locally grown produce, and three lucky door prizes that include accommodation for two and free breakfast, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity!

Find out more and book your tickets while they are still available on

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