Shaun M. Jones launches his new book: UnBrainwashed Investing – How to protect your portfolio from today’s misleading industry

Providence, Rhode Island–(Newsfile Corp. – April 5, 2022) – Shaun M. Jones today announced the launch of his new book: Brainless Investing – How to Protect Your Portfolio From Today’s Deceptive Industry.

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UnBrainwashed Investing: Protecting Your Portfolio From Today’s Mislead Industry is an exposition of the brainwashing happening in the financial advisory industry and offers deep insight into how investors can spot this bad behavior, avoid it, and move towards a truth-centered financial future. . Destroying conventional wisdom brick by brick, Jones then reconstructs an investment philosophy that is not only research-based and statistically sound, but one that actually delivers on the hopes and dreams of individual investors.

Shaun M. Jones has operated as a trusted financial advisor for over two decades, helping clients primarily in the legal, medical and executive fields. Personally, he has conducted a wealth of original research on personal wealth management and has written thought leadership articles for various major financial media outlets, including CNBC and others.

His firm “Jones Fiduciary Wealth Management” is an independent consultancy that aims to use data-driven insights and leverage it for the good of its clients. This book is his attempt to codify some of that knowledge and make it more accessible to a wider audience. He explains how misaligned incentives in the world of financial advice often hurt the people they’re trying to serve — and what you can do about it as an individual.

It’s rare that you get a book like this that opens the curtains on the industry and empowers readers to take control of their financial future, away from middlemen who charismatically sell alone, take their fees, and then let their clients stagnate. . It’s refreshing, raw and honest with a direct tone that gets straight to the point.

Jones hopes this book will help empower individual investors to make decisions that are fully in their best interests and free themselves from a predatory system into which investors have been unwittingly drawn.

You can download a free chapter from the official website or purchase the entire book through Amazon.

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About Jones Fiduciary Wealth Management

Jones Fiduciary Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory firm that provides honest and transparent financial advice to a wide range of clients. They focus on customer-centric strategies that are backed by decades of congruent, replicated published research and don’t fall prey to misaligned incentives. To learn more about their services, visit

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