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Kota Kinabalu: Daily Express was as happy as co-authors Alex Yee and Dr James Alin at the soft launch of their book ‘A Tale of 30 Thousand Turtles’ on Tuesday because the newspaper had been a key supporter of this truly private conservation project. by rare people.

Although certainly much smaller compared to the state-run turtle hatchery at Selingan, Alex’s Walai Penyu Conservation Park hatchery at Libaran is a rare private project driven by rare private zeal , fully corresponds to the bill of the economist of German origin EF Schumacher. “it’s beautiful” which defends the era’s recognition of modest businesses small enough to benefit and empower people, as opposed to large-scale impersonal businesses. Moreover, Foster or Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research directly involve journalists and tourism stakeholders who therefore feel personally involved in this real private effort, writing a lot about it in order to make it as responsible as possible.

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Lucas E. Kelly