The Bad Moms star wants her friends to die to steal their husbands? The media mogul reportedly has ‘ridiculously’ high expectations of the guys she can attract

Martha Stewart is not only a sought-after actress, but has also found success through a myriad of business endeavors including broadcasting, merchandising, publishing, and e-commerce.

The 80-year-old American actress has also written a number of best-selling books, is the editor of Martha Stewart Living magazine and has hosted two syndicated television programs, namely Martha Stewart alive and Martha.

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The bad moms star was convicted of felony charges related to the ImClone case in 2004, served five months in federal prison and was released in March 2005. It had previously been claimed that the incident would end the empire media coverage of Martha Stewart, but she successfully began a comeback in 2005.

Now, a new report claims Marth Stewart has raised her eyebrows with tasteless jokes about wanting her close friends to die so she can date their husbands. Keep reading to learn more.

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Martha Stewart reportedly joked that she hoped she could date her friends’ partners

National applicant, in its upcoming August 8, 2022 issue, reported that Martha Stewart didn’t have many men to choose from after chasing people around with her self-obsessed ways. An anonymous source told the entertainment outlet:

“Martha has a small group of ‘yes’ people who embrace her, but her older friends are fed up with how self-centered and needy she’s been lately, including men. She’s hyper-controlling and consumed Then there are the endless selfies and calls for attention that don’t really make her a trap for the guys she’s chasing.

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The insider added that Martha Stewart’s “monstrous ego” seems to leave little room for her to love anyone other than herself. The same informant shared:

“Even if someone is interested in her, she talks about her so much that the guy shuts down and doesn’t bother to call her back. She’s a ‘me’ person, and that’s never a good way to talk about her. ‘hook a man.’

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Of Martha Stewart, the tipster said she may have been aiming too low, saying:

“Martha’s other problem is that she has ridiculously high expectations of the guys she can attract. ‘take out to dinner or enjoy a booty call.’ While she looks good for 80, it’s just not realistic.

National Enquirer added that Martha Stewart put her foot in her mouth during an appearance on the Chelsea Handler podcast titled Dear Chelsea, where she shockingly confessed that sometimes it was “very tempting” to have an affair with her friends’ husbands. The Men in Black II star said:

“I’ve had two crazy crushes in the last month, which is really good for me. But it turns out, you know, one of them is married to the mother of some of my friends…I think always, ‘Oh my God, couldn’t that person just die?’ Not painfully, just die.

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Martha Stewart, according to the magazine, may have just joked, but no one is laughing at her punchline. The chatterbox claimed:

“Even Martha’s jokes are self-centered. It’s a dish that leaves a bad taste in just about everyone’s mouth, except Martha’s, of course.

Martha Stewart has yet to comment on claims that she has ridiculously high expectations about the guys she can attract and how she wishes her friends died just to hang out with their husbands. Thus, fervent followers of doll face star should take all of these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Martha Stewart shares the death of her peacocks alongside Marvin Gaye’s song

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart mourned the death of her pet peacocks after a deadly coyote attack. In an Instagram post, the veteran actress included an interesting song choice to honor her feathered friends after the deadly ambush that happened in “bright daylight.”

Accompanied by Marvin Gaye’s hit ‘Let’s Get It On’, Martha Stewart wrote:

“RIP beautiful BlueBoy. The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others, including the beautiful White Boy.

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Martha Stewart then addressed the misplaced lead and wrote in the same post:

“I have no idea how Marvin Gaye’s music found its way to this sad post, but when Blue Boy was alive it would have been perfectly fitting.”

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The media mogul then asked her followers for advice on avoiding the same travesty in the future.

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