The entire FLASH movie plot leaked online

The whole plot of the flash seems to have leak online, and we’ve now recapped that in detail, telling you all the biggest moments and reveals, including Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns!

In recent weeks, The Flash has been besieged by negative press. Lead star Ezra Miller can be blamed for this, as a series of damning allegations have pointed to an actor who is out of control and heading into a downward spiral. He’s rumored to be Barry Allen once this movie comes out, although no one is 100% sure that will actually happen.

There was chatter the flash be touched up with a new track or dropped on HBO Max, but Warner Bros. Clearly weighing his options and hoping this all comes to an end.

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel that leaked plot-accurate synopses for The Matrix Resurrections and Godzilla vs. Kong ahead of their respective releases has now shared a full breakdown of the flash. This lines up with much of what we’ve heard in the past, and points to a very different movie than we expected…and potentially quite a fun ride.

It should probably go without saying follow from this point!

10. The Justice League

Warner Bros. develops a habit of delivering a lean Justice League. Peacemaker gave us Aquaman and The Flash, with the rest of the team lurking in the shadows, and this film also looks set to deliver only a partial cast of heroes.

Following a terrorist attack that sees the criminals take refuge in a hospital, the Scarlet Speedster springs into action and receives help from Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman also pops up for a small appearance that only lasts a few minutes, though it’s supposed to be the League in action rather than a random squad.

Barry and Bruce have formed a pretty strong bond since we last saw them, and Batman later offers his fellow hero – who is despondent that his father remains in prison – some very important advice…

When The Flash Suggests He Could Time Travel Like He Did In Zack Snyder’s Justice League (an apparent confirmation that the movie version is now considered “canon”), Batman warns him that this could have dire consequences for the universe.

Desperate to save his father and bring his mother back, Barry ignores him and ends up traveling through the Speed ​​Force after figuring out how to save his life. Traveling back in time, the Fastest Man Alive sees what is described as a “colosseum frame” representative of a time vortex.

A monstrous creature stares back at him and gives chase, but not before Barry gets where he needs to. Well, at least that’s what he thinks. After fainting, the hero wakes up. It’s 2013.

8. The Other Barry Allen


Now, in the past, Barry comes face to face with his younger self. Ezra Miller plays both versions of the character, though Past Barry has yet to receive the powers that made him The Flash.

Scarlet Speedster’s mother is also still alive, and Future Barry decides the best way to save her is to teach his younger self to use the Speed ​​Force (avoiding further damage to the timeline). It just so happens to be the day Barry gets his powers, so they head to the lab and prepare for the past version to be hit with that fateful thunderbolt.

Things go awry, however, as Future Barry being there means he’s on his way to the explosion and they’re both hit. The Flash loses his powers, though Past Barry still gains them. The problem now is that The Flash is stuck in the past.


Future Barry knows he screwed up and decides to find the Justice League. The problem is that they don’t exist yet. Superman has issues with the US government, Wonder Woman is still on Themyscira, and Aquaman is little more than a rumor. Bruce Wayne is out there, though, so after training the Past Barry, the two heroes set off for Wayne Manor.

The two Scarlet Speedsters think Ben Affleck’s Bruce is the one they’ll meet, but Wayne Manor doesn’t look like Wayne Manor anymore. This is Tim Burton’s version of the mansion Batman movies, and when they find Bruce, he’s an old man with a gray beard and unkempt hair who is cooking spaghetti. “Do you want to go crazy?” asks the Michael Keaton version of the hero.

After things calm down, the Barrys explain what happened and the Caped Crusader comes to the conclusion that The Flash traveling through time shattered the universe, hence why he is now in bad reality. So it’s more of a merging of timelines than a different world.

6. Fire General Zod


Not only is this the time Barry got his powers, it’s also the day General Zod first invades Earth. Michael Shannon is back as Steel man villain, and both versions of The Flash decide they need to get to Superman before he’s handed over to his fellow Kryptonian, as Kal-El can potentially help bring Future Barry home.

Keaton’s Dark Knight initially doesn’t want to participate in this, but changes his mind. The Batcave is shown and there are a bunch of alternate Batsuits on display similar to Iron Man’s Hall of Armor. Batman – who has a number of trophies from past battles – realizes that multiple timelines have begun to converge and discovers where Superman is being held.

After breaking into the facility (this is another example of how the timeline is changed as Supes wasn’t held captive in his 2013 origin story), the trio can’t find Superman… it’s Supergirl instead.

5. Superman is dead


The group comes to the conclusion that they have to stop Zod (after all, there’s no Superman to stop him this time), but with Future Barry minus his powers, Batman comes up with an idea to give this group a little more power. There is a storm outside and, as in Breaking point

Future Barry is electrocuted, but does not become The Flash. Dejected, he begins to lose hope until Supergirl – now fully clothed – sends him flying through the sky in lightning. Unfortunately, that seems to kill him! Luckily, after Past Barry hits him, the hero is powered up again!

4. The Final Battle


Heading to the desert to confront Zod, Future Barry dons the new costume of his past. This young hero, meanwhile, dons a modified version of one of Batman’s Batsuits (seen in the banner image at the top of this feature).

Zod asks for Superman, but no one knows what he’s talking about as the Man of Steel no longer exists in this reality. The villain kills General Swanwick – aka Martian Manhunter – and unleashes the World Engine then and there. A huge battle ensues, and Zod is ultimately defeated…without a single casualty in Metropolis.

Unfortunately, Keaton’s Dark Knight is badly injured and as Future Barry apologizes for bringing him into this fight, Bruce expresses his gratitude for reminding him how to be a hero. The assumption is that he dies here, but there’s still a big twist to come.

3. The Flash Sacrifice


Before we get to that, we need to go back to an earlier point in the flash. As we mentioned, Barry’s mother is still alive in 2013, although her death is imminent. The hero understands that, in order to save her, he simply needs to remove all the cans of tomato sauce from the convenience store she visited before her murder, which means she would have to shop elsewhere.

As a result, her mother would not cook dinner when her killer struck, thus preventing this mysterious event from happening. However, in order to set the time before returning home, Future Barry must hand over these cans to ensure his death occurs. It’s a tragic reveal, though he does get a touching moment with her – in costume – before fixing things.

Back in 2022, the Scarlet Speedster travels through the Speed ​​Force again and realizes the creature he saw was a monstrous version of himself from the future. If he hadn’t done it right, Barry would have been corrupted and an in-universe crisis would have occurred. With this, he decides to come to terms with his mother’s death and help free his father.

2. A cliffhanger ending


Everything seems normal and it seems that The Flash’s time travel damage was repaired when he realized that sacrificing his mother’s life was the key to saving reality.

is evidence that could exonerate Henry Allen, and it looks like Barry has got a happy ending. The same Mercedes-Benz that originally pulled up before Affleck’s Bruce Wayne emerged to warn his fellow hero not to mess with time, but it’s Keaton’s billionaire who comes out this time. Supergirl also appears, although neither of them should be here.

Barry is puzzled because putting those cans back should have fixed things. Neither know what they’re doing there, but a new DC Extended Universe has clearly been created where they exist in place of “Batfleck” and Henry Cavill’s Superman. With that, the movie ends, but there is one last tease.

1. The crisis is coming


Jason Momoa finally makes an appearance as Aquaman in a post-credits scene that shows Barry helping a drunk Arthur Curry leave a bar.

While running home to grab something that can sober up his fellow hero, there’s suddenly a distress call on the Scarlet Speedster’s computer. He looks at it, and it’s a Batman video message from Affleck. He begs The Flash for help, making it clear that he needs to be rescued after the hero changes the timeline and shatters reality.

It’s unclear how the mechanics of this all work, but it looks like Barry’s next mission will save the DCEU’s original Batman in what could be a catch. Crisis on Infinite Earths

Lucas E. Kelly