Valentine: Read the complete twisted sci-fi comic by Scream’s David Arquette and Entourage’s Cliff Dorfman

Heavy Metal has a special treat for comic book fans this Valentine’s Day. The company recently released “Valentine,” a sci-fi flavored take on the Valentine’s Day legend, and they’re making the full story available for free.

Check out the slideshow gallery below to read this dark and twisted take on a familiar story:

Valentine: Read the full Heavy Metal magazine comic

“Valentine” has considerable Hollywood pedigree, as it’s co-written by Scream star David Arquette and Warrior co-writer Cliff Dorfman. “Valentine” is illustrated by Bernard Chang of Wonder Woman.

“Valentine” was originally released in January’s Heavy Metal #313, which is now available in print and digitally via Comixology and GlobalComix. Here is the full description of this issue:

Heavy Metal kicks off another year of publishing the comics industry’s best sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories! David Arquette (Scream 5) and Cliff Dorfman present their new historical fiction tale Valentine, Ryan K. Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz conclude the Black Beacon saga, Savage Circus ends horribly with Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo, Matthew Medney’s Darkwing reaches its penultimate chapter with German Ponce, Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin’s high-flying Starward fantasy series heads into its final act, and former Marvel EIC legend Jim Shooter discusses its blacklisting in the comics in an unrestrained interview!

Separately, Chang also participated in the Super Bowl Experience promotion, where he created a series of artworks that reinterpret NFL helmets through the lens of Chinese opera. This art is now being auctioned off to benefit the Asian and Pacific Islander communities of Los Angeles. You can read more about this auction on Chang’s Instagram page.

Chang is also co-creator of The Monkey Prince, a new Asian hero who debuted at 2021’s DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration. This character has now become his own Monkey Prince series, which launched on February 1.

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