Wildcat Press publishes Bill Dutcher’s memoir “How Did I Do That? A Life of Risk and Reward”

The book chronicles the unconventional path he has followed since his childhood in the oil town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. His adventures there included stints as a class clown in elementary school, a borderline juvenile delinquent in middle school, and a decent running back and playmaker in high school. After specializing in journalism and walking for basketball at University of Oklahomahe served four years in the Navy, with assignments in The Philippines and the Pentagon, during the Vietnam wartime. After a brief career as a journalist and an introduction to the oil and gas industry as a public relations consultant and lobbyist, he ventured into his own business, becoming a $500 investment in a natural gas consulting company, an oil and gas producing company and a real estate company.

At the age of 60, Dutcher launched a 14-year battle with Father Time, played in fantasy basketball camps led by hoop legends like Michael Jordan, Dewayne Wadeand Mike Krzyzewski. He is probably the only player to have competed against both Harlem Globetrotter Marques Haynes and NBA All Star Trae young.

“Father Time is a tough opponent,” observes Dutcher. “The guy is just relentless. You push him and he pushes back.”

“Apparently my memoirs sent reviewers across the country searching their thesauri, looking for suitable words of praise,” the author jokes.

Her book received the Literary Titan Silver Award, after their reviewer found it “witty and charming” to be more “compelling and engaging”, not to mention “fascinating and captivating”. The reviewer added, “Dutcher’s writing is conversational, so you feel like you’re having a conversation with your grandfather.”

A BookLife review, which recently appeared in The weekly publishers, described the book as “An inviting account of life well lived, in business and basketball. He added, “Dutcher proves an engaging and incisive narrator.

La Prairies Book Review described the book as “Candid, captivating, quirky and occasionally funny” and concluded: “A stunner”. Readers’ Favorite reported, “Readers are swept away by a balanced mix of hilarious and thrilling exploits, deep advice and serious thought-provoking questions. A writer for Pubby Reviews added: “So good. A touching memory. Funny at times, poignant at times, this memoir reads like a well-written novel.”

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Learn more at the book’s website: www.WildcatPress.partners, or email the author at [email protected].

SOURCEWildcat Press, LLC

Lucas E. Kelly